Loverboy chords with lyrics by The Cog Is Dead - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Cog Is Dead – Loverboy chords

A simple guitar version of Loverboy of the Steampunk band The Cog is Dead.
Noticed there were like.. no tabs at all from this band... So someone has to be 
the first... Here's a link to their website :)

Used chords are: 

G or G A D C7 Ce|-3----3----0----2----0----0----|b|-3----0----2----3----1----1----|g|-0----0----2----2----3----0----|D|-0----0----2----0----2----2----|A|-2----2----0----x----3----3----|E|-3----3----x----x----x----x----|
As you can see I put the G chord in it twice, I prefer the first way in this song, not only because of the sound, but also because it's easier to grab it coming out of a D chord ;) ---------------------------------------
GOh, Loverboy!
A That woman's heart is not a toy
DDon't play with her affections
G Or falsify her joy
Just settle down
AYou better stop running around
D GOr soon you're gonna wind up down six feet underground
AI know your girl is pretty coy
DShe don't deserve this treatment
GFrom such a callow boy
But she'll catch on
AYou´re gonna miss her when she's gone
D GYou think you´re pretty clever, but she'll be out by dawn
C7(She's so pure and)
CShows such deep affection
C7(All you do is)
CTry to please yourself
C7(If you fail to)
CGo the right direction
GI may have to beat you down myself
AYour actions make me so annoyed
D G You better stop at once before her spirits are destroyed
So cut it out
A'Cause this is not what's love about
D GWell you'll regret your actions, I know without a doubt
AWhat happened to your prior joy?
D GYour lady learned the truth and now she moved to Illinois?
You'll take no wife
ANow say hello to pain and srife
D GAnd welcome a disease that you'll be carrying for life
Oh loverboy!
AYeah Loverboy!
DYou've finally been discovered boy!
Gcongratulations loverboy!
Yeah Loverboy!
AOh, Loverboy!
DYour wandering days are over boy
GLoverboy, that's right!
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