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The Cog Is Dead – Time Machine chords

Time Machine

Intro:  A  C#m  A  C#m  D  F#m  D  E


A C#mIt isn't easy watching you fade away
A C#mTo see you growing weaker day by day
DYour face is so pale
F#mAnd your energy's drained
D EIt's hard to admit that soon your life won't remain
I won't accept that there isn't a cure It must be somewhere and I'll find it I'm sure If modern science can't provide what you need Then I'll find the year that will let me succeed Chorus:
A C#m DAnd I'll build a time machine for you
I swear
F#m E AI'll save your life somehow
C#mYou will stay with me
DMy love
F#m E A So please don't leave me now
It's complicated trying to build this machine I'm making something that the world's never seen But darling I promise that I won't let you down I swear I won't stop until the remedy's found A few more rivets and the bolts fastened tight I think that I might have it ready tonight So just hang in there, darling try to be strong I'll find what you need, I won't be gone very long And I built this time machine for you I swear I'll save your life somehow You will stay with me My love So please don't leave me now So I built this time machine for you My dear I didn't let you down You'll be safe with me My love And I'll protect you now...
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