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The Cog Is Dead – The Copper War chords

The Copper War

Intro: Dm  C  Bb  A 


Dm CVerdigris Patina was a peaceful little town
Bb A The home of Wilbur Redpot, finest coppersmith around
Dm C He was famous for his products, as they sold extremely well
Bb A Competitors were livid as their business income fell
Dm CNow, Alexander Copperplate, a man from out of town,
Bb ADeclared his gang was coming soon to shoot poor Wilbur down
Dm CThe town was in a panic, they knew something should be done
Bb A DmAnd they had till morning sun!
Dm BbSo saddle up your steam-bike and put your goggles on
F AWe've got to be prepared or else we'll all be dead by dawn
Dm BbCopperplate is coming, and his eyes are seeing red,
Bb A DmAnd he's after Wilbur's head!
The townsfolk got together and they figured out a plan They knew they'd have to do their best to save their fellow man And, though they had no weapons, they all had a lot of brains: They'd build machines to leave their villain in a world of pain! So Wilbur brought the copper, old Frank supplied the steel; Bob and Sue had extra chains, and Tommy brought the wheels; They knew they'd have a chance with these, they knew they'd win the fight, And they worked all through the night! So saddle up your steam-bike and put your goggles on We've got to be prepared or else we'll all be dead by dawn Copperplate is coming and his eyes are seeing red, And he's after Wilbur's head! Verse III: (1 semitone upper)
D#m C#Well Copperplate arrived at dawn, he stayed true to his word
B A#But the town was deathly silent, not a soul was to be heard
He yelled out, "Redpot! Come on out, and fight me like a man!" And that was when the churning and the chugging sounds began An army of the townsfolk soon poured out into the street Each of them on steam-bikes, and they all were packing heat They had his men surrounded, there was fear on every face
B A# D#And they put them in their place!
D#m BPower up your steam-bike, let's show 'em who's in charge
F# A#We've got our ropes and grappling hooks and weapons to discharge
D#m BCopperplate is panicked and his face is turning white
B A# D#mAnd we're gonna win this fight!
That's right! Let's go! Now power down your steam-bike, we finally took 'em down We strung 'em up and licked 'em good and ran them out of town Verdigris Patina is a peaceful town once more And we won the Copper War! Hyah!
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