Lazarus chords with lyrics by The Collection - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Collection – Lazarus chords

[Verse 1]
GLooked in Your eyes
GThey were burning like cigarettes
GOn top of a head
GThat could resurrect Lazarus
C GUp from the grave that somehow made You cry
[Verse 2]
GBoth of Your hands were rough like a carpenter's
GSo accustomed
To nails and to hammers
C GNever would've thought those nails would cut inside
C GOh, Your hands were blessed one holy, holy night
[Interlude] C G [Chorus]
GBut we found Your grace
It was waiting inside of a
GDead dark place
With few survivors
CIt seems that You lived
GIn places I reckoned You wouldn't
GAnd all that we saw
Were people that had no hope
GAnd You changed my eyes into flaming kaleidoscopes
C GI saw something that I thought for sure was fiction
C GBut the peace that it brought me erased all of my convictions
[Interlude] D G D G [Bridge]
CThere was a knife
GBuried deep inside the part of our hearts
D CWhere we learned how to love something other than us
It was built on a sandy shore
G DHoping the waves wouldn't come to the door
CAnd greet us with disdain and heaviness
GOne of redemption
D C GWashing away all the thoughts we had ran to before
GWell, You rescued me from my disbelief
GWould You please rescue me from being a thief
C GOf things that will burn up when it's the end
GThe dust collects, yeah, dust it upsets
GAnd we are only dust at best
C GBut You can breathe dust back to life again
C GOh, flood the whole world and dust will walk again
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