The Collection – Garden chords

G  Asus2  Em  G  Am  G  D/F#

G C Em GI planted a garden full of things that turned out rotten
C Em Dfruits and greens for miles and miles that even insects thought were bad
G C Em Gso I thought I’d sing about it - try and make my friends all like them
C Em Dmaybe everyone would love me more if I sounded really sad
G Am Em GSo I shot a man in afghanistan, he was bleeding on me
C Em Dthen he said his name was jesus and he never had an army
G Am Em Gas he took his dying breath, the last thing that he thought he’d tell me is
C Em D“Its better to die for nothing than to kill just for your country”
C G C Gand my heart wept as the church slept
Am Cthey were dreaming of parades and politicians
Am D Gand a savior who allowed to rewrite his words until it matched the war inside their hearts
G Am Em Gso I act like I have a right to sing about the things that aren’t right
C Em Dfrom the comfort of my couch I pretend I’ve done nothing wrong
G Am Em Gas I hoard my money closely, bury coins for all my groceries
C Em Dand I haven’t met my neighbors yet, but I promise I will someday soon
C G Emcause its only been two years since I moved here inside this neighborhood
C G Emhow much longer could it be till we are family, we are blood?
C G Emso I’ll just play my songs and hope that they come swooning to my door
C Emthe only thing to life worth doing is that one thing that you’re made for
Am D Gwell, am I made for myself anymore?
[Interlude] C G x4
Am DI found out I am nothing at all!
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