The Collection – Birds chords

[Verse 1]
Am F CI've held birds with broken wings
Am F CBetween all my changing leaves
Am F CKeep my branches strong to hold their perch
Am F CBut my roots can't seem to quench my thirst
[Instrumental] Am C Am F C G [Verse 2]
Am F CAnd the birds hate us naked trees
Am F CIt's our honesty that makes them leave
Am FWhile the dark flock hovers
C G Am F CWondering what would help me keep my big mouth shut
F C AmAnd I will always tame my mind
F C AmWhat hand grafts us to what vine?
F C AmWhile the stars quietly speak
F COf mystery
F COr futility
F CWhich will keep me steady on my feet?
[Instrumental] Am C Am F C [Verse 3]
Am F CYou have built nests from all of my bark
Am F CFor too long to tell us apart
Am F CBut my branches always seem to break
Am F CWhen I look for you inside their shapes
F C AmAnd the earth will never tame its mind
F C AmWhat foot crushed us to what wine?
F C AmWhile the ocean loudly speaks
F COf creativity
F COr vanity
F CBut which will keep me steady on my feet?
C F CBut they say, "You ask too many questions
F G AmYou start too many fires
F CYou dream of resurrection
F C G CBut you're too scared to die"
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