Tony Joe White – Aint Going Down This Time chords

Intro: Bm

Bm G – A Bm I ‘ve been layin’ low - livin’ in the shadows
Em7 Bm Spendin’ time alone - conversations with the wall
Hangin’ on
G A BmI’m just tryin’ to matter
Em7 G A BmAnd I remain, tryin’ to make some sense of it all
G A BmI ‘ve been here before, I’m familiar with the pain
G A F#But I ain’t runnin’ no more, there’s one thing changed (-stop-)
BmAin’t goin’ down this time,
G A BmThis time I ain’t goin’ down
Like an undertow - I feel the promis of the nighttime But I’ve been down that road - and my search came to an end I hit the motherload Enough blues for a lifetime Now I’m digging deep inside, tryin’ to find my way back again You know you’ve entered the danger zone When you look in the eyes and there’s no one home Ain’t goin’ down this time This time I ain’t goin’ down Bm-G-A-Bm Em7-Bm G-A-Bm Em7-G-A-Bm Deep in the night - I miss a woman’s touch The fire burns strong - and I’m drawn to the flame But I pay the price When I get caught up in the heartbeat And passion flows - un-res-trained No one left to blame - I’m faced with the truth And it’s all too plain - when there’s nothing left to lose Ain’t goin’ down this time This time I ain’t goin’ down
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