Winning Streak chords with lyrics by Unbunny - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Unbunny – Winning Streak chords

Intro: Am, Em, F, E

AmI'm on a winning streak
Em I'm a song caught in a bird's beak
FGot two beds but I don't sleep
EI'm on a winning streak
AmI was tight tight like piano wire
EmBut I was cracking jokes, I was on fire
FI can make it look like an honest try
ECause I'm a real good liar
Am EOooo Oooo
F EOooo Oooo
AmThere's a heart of obsidian
EmHidden underneath the skin
FAnd I walk all night just to feel the wind
EBlowing through my limbs
AmIt's a spider, no it's a poison snake
EmCoiled in a birthday cake
FI know what's coming but I'm scared to speak
EI'm on a winning streak
Am EOooo Oooo
F EOooo Oooo
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