From The Start chords with lyrics by Unbunny - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Unbunny – From The Start chords

C F COut upon the ice flats giant sheets are breaking up
And the mist forms blurry circles
F CFrom the bridge lights illuminating us
G F CBut I have fallen for a weaker line
G F CA soft equation on a slow decline
G F CA winter thaw has come to shake my mind
G F CAnd if you truly understood what you tried to protect
G F CYou would come to realize that it's you who must accept
G F CA little impermanence would be good for you
F G C FI remember thinking being hung up on you was bad
F G C FBut knowing that I'm finally over it is twice as sad
F G C G FAnd when I feel my lashes come together and pull apart
F G CI wish I would've known that from the start
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