X chords with lyrics by Unbunny - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Unbunny – X chords

G  Em  Am  C
EmI'm staring at the window
Am DI got Brian Eno on the stereo
EmYou're gonna be my widow
AmThe only way to get you back
DIs to get you dressed in black
GCause I'm still a fraud
EmI'm still a fake
AmI'm self-absorbed
CI don't talk straight
GI'm full of shit
EmI'm full of lies
AmI can't be trusted
CBut I'll let you try
GI'm insincere
EmAnd I'll let you down
AmBurn all my bridges
CJerk you around
GAnd I am not honest
EmI'm way off track
AmYou gave me chances
CI gave them back
GI guess you were right
EmI guess I was scared
AmBut I'm too opaque
CTo show if I care
GI'm quick to judge
EmI'm slow to change
AmI'll talk about you
CWhen you're out of range
GI wish I was different
EmI wish I was good
AmBut no one can save me
CNobody should
GAfraid of decisions
EmAfraid of love
AmAfraid of the future
CAll of the above
GAnd I look for shortcuts
EWhen conflict arises
AmAll sleight of hand
CElaborate disguises
GI lack respect
EI lack intent
AmI know that I'm careless
CAnd I won't relent
G Em Am C GCause I can't relent
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