Widespread Panic – Disco tab

Im only doing the chords for the main parts, ea: Intro/verse and chorus since this song, 
like Metro Station's other songs, kinda repeats chords. If you dont know the chords in this song, 
check out this website: http://www.all-guitar-chords.com/index.php I suggest to use barrre chords
for this song and for my other tab, Control.

Song: Disco
Band: Metro Station
Album/CD: Metro Station
Tuning: Standard, E A D G b E

C#m E  A
C#m E Bm
Yeah, Yeah

Note: Intro is the same for the Verse.
C#m E A
I wonder if you're going down
Where we all know you get lost
And then get found
And then I wonder so

I can't believe that's what you said
I wonder in my sleep
I can't believe that's what you heard
can you not defeat

I can't take this
No, I don't like it
I don't know where you are

C#m  E      Bm                   C#m
You know she's dancing at the disco
C#m   E           Bm                  C#m
Woah oh, She's dying on the Dance floor

C#m E A
I know you're sleeping all alone
You feel suicide
I know you're dying to get out
But its in you deep inside

Do you feel it in your veins
The poison rushing through?
But can't you see it in your heart
I'm still there for you?

I can't take this
No, I don't like it
I don't know where you are

Repeat Chorus, Bridge and the outro is the same as the intro and  the verse.

Repeat Intro
C#m E A C#m E Bm
(Say my name)
You don't even know it
(I am done)
you sure aren't showing it
(hold my hand)
You know she's on the dance floor
(Well I know she's dyin')
But still she craves more

C#m E A
C#m E Bm
Yeah, yeah

Repeat Chorus x2

C#m E A 
C#m E Bm
Yeah, yeah
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