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A Perfect Circle - A Stranger chords

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A Perfect Circle-A stranger

A really easy tab, it’s not to impress, it’s just so you can play it without the 
harder actual tabs.(My English is not so good..hehe)

Tabbed by Simon

      F#       B5         A5
C# l---        ---       --- 
G# l---        ---       ---
E  l---        ---       -5-
B  l--7        -12-      -5-
F# l--7        -12-      -3-
C# l--5        -10-      ---

The(B5) on the end is just optional…enjoy

Intro: F# B5 A5 x2

F#                    (B5)
Cast the calming apple
up and over satellites
     F#                        (B5)
to draw out the timid wild one
to convince you its alright

F# A5 x2
      F#                    (B5)
And I listen for the whisper
of your sweet insanity
        F#              (B5)
while I formulate denials
of your effect on me
       F#         (B5)
your a stranger so
What do I care?
Vanished today 
not the first time I hear

F#              (B5)  A5
all the lights

F# (B5) A5
F#                            A5
What am I to do with all this silence?

F# (B5) A5

Shy away 
(B5)     A5
Shy away phantom
Run away 
(B5)      A5
terrified child 
won't you 
move away
(B5)       A5
fuck the tornado
a better love without you 
(B5)              A5
tearin' my world down
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