Anberlin - Breathe tab

"Breathe" by anberlin

only the solo part

Tabbed by ReverendRambo

This is my first tab (I've seen this comment on a lot of other tabs, so I figure it's standard)
I slowed down the song using Audacity and picked it out by ear.

I'm not going to be able to time it out well... but you can listen to the song for the 

/ = slide
h = hammeron
b = bend

e -----------------------------------|
B -----------------------------------|
G -9-8-6-----------------------------|
D -------9-7-6-------6-6/7-7-6---7/9-|
A -------------9-7-------------------|
E -----------------------------------|

e ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B -5---7---9---10---12------5---7---9-9h10-9-9-7-5------12---9b10-7-5-5---4/5-12---|
G ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

e -12-11-------------12-11-----------------------------|
B -------12---4-5-12-------12/14-12---4/5-7-9-10-9-7/9-|
G -----------------------------------------------------|
D -----------------------------------------------------|
A -----------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------|
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