Bo Burnham - My Whole Family chords

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You can also replace C with Cadd9 it sounds just as good!

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G           D     
Everytime i go to dinner
G                          D          
it seems like im getting a little bit thinner
G                    D         
I'll sit down at the breakfast table
G               D          
i can talk, but theyre not able
G              D     
When i look at them i find
G                         D              
there's a single question on their mind.
G                              D      
i wish it could go back to the way it was
G               D            Em
its not easy no because...
         C              G
My whole family thinks im gay
            D                G
i guess its always been that way.
          C                  G
Maybe its cause of the way i walk,
                D                   Em-C-G-D Em-C-D-G-D-G        
that makes them think that i like...boys

G           D 
The goddamn question just wont go away
G                          D  
cause i get asked every single day
G                    D
but the way they ask it is no disguise,
G                      D
like "How was your day? Do you like to kiss guys?"
G                              D 
This is the worst, baby this was my fear
G                            D            Em
Now their opinions are crystal clear.

         C              G
My whole family now is shocked,
            D                G
I'm in the closet and the door is locked.
          C             G
Now my glory days are gone,
               D                   Em-C-G-D Em-C-D-G-D-G
I was John Elway now im Elton John.

         C              G
My whole family now suspects,
            D                G
That watching spongebob had side-effects.
          C             G
But im not gay and thats what i said,
               D             (random awful sounds while you pretend to choke)
If i'm gay then god strike me dead.

         C              G
Just cause i go to an all-guys school,
            D                G
Doesnt mean Justin Timberlake makes me drool.
          C             G
When I go outside, what do i see?
               D                   Em-C-G-D Em-C-D-G-D-G
The clouds in the sky spell "F-A-G"

         C              G
I think that God might think im gay,
          D          G
What does he know anyway.
                     C                 G
My grandma gave me a present just last year,
               D                        Em-C-G-D Em-C-D-G-D-G
and the card said, "Happy Birthday queer!"

         C              G
My whole family thinks im "fab"
                  D (strum once)          G
There's a guys butt, hey bo, take a stab!
                       C                    G
Why doesn't he get women, theres no other way,
               D                      Em-C-G-D Em-C-D-G-D-G
Its cause I'm lanky, not cause i'm gay.

G              D 
Just cause I'm afraid of the snow,
G                     D (strum once)
Or my favorite color is, the rainbow.
G                       D
I dont mean to yell but i fear i must,
G                                  D                    Em
Cause I'm losing the people that i thought i could trust.

               G                  D (strum once) Em-C-G-D Em-C-D-G-D-G
Even my boyfriend thinks im gay...just kidding
        Em                  C
You all probably think I'm gay,
D                 G
Man this song is counterproductive...
D           G
la la la la la...
                   Em-C-G-D Em-C-D-G-D-G
I'm not gay I swear

         C              G
Cause my whole family thinks I'm gay,
          D          G
What am i suppose to say?
                       C                    G
Baby you gotta see right through the haze,
G                                  D
Easy-Bake oven was just a phase.

         C              G
My whole family thinks i'm queer,
          D          G
That is all i ever hear,
                C              G
But ive been as straight as a ramp,
               D            Em-C-G-D Em-C-D-G-D-G
If you dont count Bible camp.        Don't count camp...
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