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Cog - No Other Way tab

Song: No Other Way
Band: Cog
Album: Sharing Space
Tabbed by: Chris-W-11
Tuning: Standard (possibly drop D)

This is a great song by Cog I can't believe there was no tabs for it. This is my first tab but my my guitar teacher worked most of it out.

Play the main chord and use your pinky to alter it.
b---5---------6---------5---------3---------1------3--------| l
d---5---------5---------5---------5---------2---------------|l    x2 without vocals
a---3---------3---------3---------3---------0---------------|l   x4 with vocals
E ----------------------------------------------------------|l

It then changes to this
E -----------------------------------------------------------------------------|l

This is as much as I know but I may work out more later.

Any comments email me.
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