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Cramps - All Women Are Bad tab

The Cramps - All Women Are Bad
Tabbed By: Mr. Hyde

Intro: A5  G5(4x)

A5       G5     
Adam and Eve
A5             G5
Sittin’ in the woods
A5       G5
Eve said man
   A5             G5
I got somethin real good
   D5         C5    
It’s in that tree
D5               C5
You’ll get smart fast
A5        G5
Adam said sure
A5       G5
Satan my ass
   E5          D5     E5
I don’t see no snakes but


              A5  G5  A5
All women are bad
    A5        G5  A5
All women are bad
               D5  C5  D5
That’s what he said
              A5  G5  A5
All women are bad
E5     D5     E5
Groovy wiggly tails
D5    C5       D5
Horns on their heads
              A5  G5  A5
All women are bad
    A5        G5  A5
All women are bad


Sampson and Delilah
Were talkin’ bout groomin’
Delilah said “Sam,
Ya don’t look human”
She took some scissors
Went snip snip
Said “Now everybody’s gonna
Think you’re hip”
Sam felt his head and said
“All women are bad”



G---------5 ^ ^----------5 ^ ^--7—5—7—7—9 ^-------x—x-]


Then play A5  G5(4x)


There’s one with you
Lookin’ so sweet
But she’s just a wolf
Dressed up like sheep
Secret gadgets
Up under her clothes
Stuff ya hear about
But nobody knows
It ain’t no use…
All women are bad


A5   G5     A5
Save me the label
G5      A5      G5     A5
Of that perfume on the table
E5   D5  E5
So I can remember
D5   A5     G5      A5
What made a reck of me

Fade out with:
All women are bad (A5  G5)

     E A D G B e
A5   5 7 7 x x x 
G5   3 5 5 x x x
D5   x 5 7 7 x x
C5   x 3 5 5 x x 
E5   x 7 9 9 x x
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