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Deftones - Diamond Eyes tab

			     Diamond Eyes - Deftones
Tabbed by:joel94

Tuning:F# Standard (F#,B,E,A,D,F#)
Okay I know that's a really low tuning but if you don't have an 8-string then you have 
to play it in this tuning or you can use the other ones on here in Drop A#, but I like 
the sound it with this tuning and you can use this tab if you have an 8 or 7-string


D |------------------------------------|
A |------------------------------------|
E |-7/6-6----7/6-6----7/6-6----7-7-7-7-| Repeat as Necessary
B |-7/6-6----7/6-6----7/6-6----7-7-7-7-|
PM     . .      . .      . .


I'm just putting the chords, so you can figure out the strum patterns

D |--------------------|
A |----11---11/10-10/9-|
E |-6--11---11/10-10/9-|
B |-6---9----9/-8--8/7-|


D |----------------------------------------------|
A |----------------------------------------------|
E |----------------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------------7/6-| <--You can play the
F#|-2/1-1p0----2/1-1p0----2/1-1p0----2/1-1p0-----|     octaves here too
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