Depeche Mode - Heaven chords

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The easiest way to play this song in their original tune is to have capo on the 1st fret.

F7 = (131211)

Am C G F

Am           C       G
 Sometimes I slide away
Am         C       G
 I slowly lose myself
 Over and over

 Take comfort in my skin


 Surrender to my will

 Forever and ever

Dm       F        Am             
  I dissolve in trust
Dm       F        Am
  I will sing with joy
Dm       F        Am
  I will end up dust
  Im in heaven

 I stand in golden rays


 I burn a fire of love

 Over and over

 Reflecting endless light


I have embraced the flame

 Forever and ever


  I will scream The Word

  Jump into the void

  I will guide the hurt

  Up to heaven

Am C G F7

Hi everybody! I'm Temo a big fan of this great band and I love their lyrics very 
very much, their songs are always rich with emotions and rational content useful 
for everybody's life :) 

You can contact me as a DM fan or just as a interesting person for DM fan :)
Facebook: Teno Kesh
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