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Doors - Crystal Ship chords

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           Fm          Cm
Before you slip into unconsciousness, 
    Bb            C#
I'd like to have another kiss
 F      Bb7      C      Bb F
Another flashing chance at bliss,
 Eb     F      Eb     F   C# Ab Eb C7 C7
another kiss, another kiss 

    Fm                   Cm
The days are bright, and filled with pain, 
  Bb               C#
enclose me in your gentle rain 
    F        Bb7     C   Bb F
The time you ran was too insane, 
      Eb    F           Eb    F (hold)
we'll meet again, we'll meet again 

(Piano solo)
Fm Eb
Fm Eb
Fm C# Ab Eb
C7 C7 

    Fm                 Cm
Oh, tell me where your freedom lies, 
    Bb                      C#
the streets are fields that never die 
  F     Bb7     C  Bb   F
Deliver me from reasons why, 
      Eb     F        Eb     F (hold)
you'd rather cry, I'd rather fly 

    Fm              Cm
The crystal ship is being filled 
  Bb                C#
A thousand girls, a thousand thrills
  F       Bb7     C     Bb   F
A million ways to spend your time
     Eb     F          Eb     F (let ring out)
When we get back, I'll drop a line 
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