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Grey Daze - Spin chords

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Title: Spin
Band: Grey Daze

G     (320033)
Dsus4 (000233)
E     (022100)
A     (002220)
Bm    (X24432)
C     (032010)
D     (000232)

Intro: G Dsus4 G (x2)

G                             Dsus4 G
I want to pick up the pieces,so that

There's less complication,so that
There's less conversation,and

Less aggravation
G                           Dsus4 G
I want to go out alone,man,so that

There's less confrontation,and man
There's less association,and
                 G Dsus4 G
Less company,yeah
G                     Dsus4 G
I was so frustrated,man,that

I was all confused,man,and that
I was disillusioned,and
                    G Dsus4 G
Sick of your friends

A         Bm       C
Run,don't walk my way

Don't look my way
A             Bm       C
Cause,I don't care,oh no
A      Bm         C
So why you still here
Why don't you disappear
G                         E
And spin out of my life,oh,hey

G                         Dsus4  G
Why do we have limitation,and man

Why do we have limitations,so that
We don't get very far,and so that
We don't climb very high
G                      Dsus4 G
I can't handle the indecision,and

I can't watch no more television,and
I won't miss you when your gone
                               G Dsus4 G
Cause I know my life will go on,yeah
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