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Kisschasy - Shake tab

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Artist: My American Heart
Album: Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather
Song: The Shake (Awful Feeling)
Tabber: Ray
Tuning: Standard
        Half-step down
Here's a very basic version of The Shake (Awful Feeling) by My American Heart. 
Ther was only tabs for this song so I tried to put togheter a very simple
acoustic version ove the song. I know it might not be the best out ther 
but its quite easy to song to the chord progressions so, what the hell.
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Chords used:

Em [022000]
G [230033]
C/G [223010]
Am7 [x02010]
D [xx0232]



Em  G  C/G  Am7


C/G  D  Em  D


Em  G  C/G  Am7


Thats it!

Feel free to comment to suggestions and so on. :)

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