Lostprophets - Last Train Home chords

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This is My first tab so excuse mistakes, Although im pretty sure this is right. 
Can be played just as easily in drop D but just play Em and G as bar chords.

Intro: C  Em   D  Asus4

Verse: C          Em              D   Asus4  
       To every broken heart in here
       C         Em              D        Asus4  
       Love was once a part but now it's disappeared
       C                      Em              D              Asus4          
       She told me that it's all part of the choices that you make
       C             Em                      D               Asus4
       Even when you think you're right, you have to give to take

Pre Chorus:              A        
            But there's still tomorrow
            Bm C                   G             D
            Forget the sorrow and I can be on the last train home
                     A                   Bm   C 
            Watch it pass the day as it fades away
                    G                     D 
            No more time to care, no more time, today

Chorus:         C                  Em 
        But we sing if we're going nowhere
        Yeah, we sing if it's not enough
                A                   Em
        And we sing, sing without a reason
        To ever fall in love

Verse 2: C       Em        D        Asus4         
        I wonder if you're listening in
         C         Em             D             Asus4
        Picking up on the signals sent back from within
          C                     Em             D            Asus4
        Sometimes it feels like I don't really know what's going on
        C             Em                   D            Aus4
        Time and time again it seems like everything is wrong in here

                  Pre chorus
                  Chorus x3 (2nd one slower with only single strums)

Thank you for Looking up my tab of this awesome song! Conzpearce.
 I you have any queries email me at conzapearce@hotmail.co.uk
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