Marc Cohn - Olana tab

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Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 15:03:07 -0500
From: "Daniel J. Engel" 
Subject: c/cohn_marc/olana.crd

Title:   Olana
Artist:  Marc Cohn
Album:   Burning the Daze, track 7

--octave of melody line sounds nice :-)
--easier with two acoustic guitars

   ^       ^       ^       ^       ^       ^

     C            G
They say my final masterpiece
    F                 C
Was this house on the hill
               G                D
High above the great and mighty river
   C                       G
My hand could not hold the brushes
       F               C
Yes, I guess I lost my will
        C                   G           D
And you can't keep painting paradise forever
Oh forever


         C          G
>From the Andes to Niagara
   F              C
To where we stand today
                    G            D
I drew the great creations of my Master
         C           G
'til the oil and the canvas
        F              C
Lord, I threw them all away
    C               G                   D
And traded them for stone and brick and plaster
I traded them all for you

__This part is sung in conjunction with the fill:__
C                                           G
Winter wind blows and the river lies frozen at my feet
(I traded them all for you)
C                                       G
Springtime come and the river wanna run above the street

    C              G
She came to me one night
            F             C
While I was tossing in my dreams
                       G         D
She said she'd give my family protection
    C                G
I recall the night I died
            F              C
Beneath her arches and her beams
                      G             D
I thanked her for the shelter and direction
I was lost until Olana

__This part is sung in conjunction with the fill:__
C                                      G
Sun beat down on a summertime town; he left me here
(I was lost until Olana)
Watching these hills turning gold for one more year

    F                           Am
Oh, I've been from Jerusalem to Rome
        F                                    Am
Now I'm floating through these rooms tonight alone
And looking back on everything
C          D            C
All I ever wanted was a home

__This part is sung in conjunction with the fill:__
I was lost until Olana
How sweet the sound
How sweet the sound

They say my final masterpiece
Was this house upon a hill

Tabbed by:
   Dan Engel
   Gustavus Adolphus College
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