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Marty Friedman - Hands Of Time tab

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Chaitanya M Bhatt(India)
Its not all that perfect , but its pretty good.
any suggestions please mail it to

Marty Friedman(Album-True obsession)-Hands of Time

/*Before Kicking off let me tell you that lead part is a simple Am pentatonic scale 
, its complicted to play the same stuff which marty play.Check out F pentatonic scale for 


Look what you've done to me
You left me standing here alone
With a memory

And maybe
I was too blind to see
That you were the best thing
That happened to me

F                     Am                  G
But if loving you means letting go
F-------------------------------------->/*repeat several times*/
Then I'll just turn and walk away
Babe,I wish I could

Am        Em                    F
Turn back the hands of time
Am           Em                F
Somehow change your mind
All I need is one more try
Angie I wish that you were mine
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