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Misc Unsigned Bands - Cocoon - On My Way tab

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Em                   A                    C
If you feel like a liar, if you're about to leave me, if you can't sleep at


Em                     A                          C
If my bad songs upset you, and if my arms can't warm you, than you just have to 


B7             C                     G             B7         Em   G       B7
I am such a coward, I could win an award, you may not believe me, but it would 

   C       A     C      Em
be ok, be ok, be ok

Em                          A                            C
Did you know you're still crying?, did you know that we are dead?, is it 


Em                A                           C                       G
I'm just waiting for the day, I will find a letter, on the bedroom dooooorrr

Chorus: I am such a coward...etc
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