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Scout Niblett - Kiss tab

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i'll just list the chords, they repeat the whole way through, picking is
easy for the E of the intro (a few on the bottom strings then second).
 bend the Ab chord a few times in the intro too. here you go

E,  B5, (run up here using power chords around the A shape) B5 - C5 - C#5, C#, (here's 
bend) Ab ~ ~ ~,

E,  B5, B5 - C5 - C#5, C#, (no 
this time) A,

And that's it, here are the lyrics

A kiss could've killed me
If it were not for the rain
A kiss could've killed me
Baby if it were not for the rain

And I had a feeling it was coming on
I felt it coming
For so long.
If I'm to be the fool
Then so it be.
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This fool can die now
With a heart that's soaked
How had it it coming
For so long.

And darling take my hand
And lead me through the door
Let's kidnap each other
And start singing our song

My heart is charged now
Oh, it's dancing in my chest
And I fly when I walk now
From the spell in that kiss.

Cause I...

It could've
It could've killed me x2
If not for the rain.

Oh darling let me dream
Cause somewhere inside me
I have been waiting
So patiently
For you.

So don't you cry.
Don't break my dream. x2

Let the rain exalt us
As the night draws in.
Winds howl around us
As we begin.
What a way to start a fire
Broken with the break of day

A kiss could have killed me
If it were not for rain.

I have a feeling it's coming on.
I felt it coming on
for so long.

And it could've
It could've killed me. x2
If it were not for the rain.

Thanks Scout, great song.   credit bat eared fox
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