Slightly Stoopid - Closer To The Sun chords

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Hey everybody this is my first time submitting a tab. I hope you enjoy.

This song can be played open or using bar chords. However, if you use bar chords 
it gives it a reggae sound. So I reccomend using the bar chords.

the chords are
A  G  C  D

A   5        C   3
    7            3
    7            5
    6            5
    5            5
    5            3

G   3         D  5
    5            5
    5            7
    4            7
    3            7
    3            5

A                              G
People think she beautiful, well that's for sure
C                        D
Give a little loving, but I still gon need some more, rob it
A                               G
Steal it from the rich and then give it to the poor
C                          D
Telling everbody it don't matter anymore, she said
A                           G
All I really needed was a friend like you
C                        D
Help me through and together we can change, but
A                     G
If I was to stay it wasn't for too long
C                          D
People sing the same song everywhere I'm going
A                      G
Closer to the sun and far from the moon
C                                D                                     
People screaming out they gonna see me real soon,
          A G   C D  A G  C D
 they say oooo oooo oooo

The second part of the song is the exact same as the first part

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