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The Almost - Amazing Because It Is chords

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Amazing Because It Is, The Almost

This is a very good, moving song off of The Almost's debut album, Southern Weather. This
uses some pretty easy chord progressions, but the words and music together pruduces a
song. I think this song is 100% correct, so give me your input if you think there needs 
be any changes. I play this with an acoustic guitar, but I imagine it would sound just
good on an electric.

Intro: C#  Am  B  Am
       C#  Am  B  Am
Verse: C#  Am  B  Am
       C#  Am  B  Am
Chorus:Em  B   C# Am
       Em  B   C# Am
Fill:  Am      Am

Verse x4
Verse x4 (With trumpet in the backround)
Fill-You can play this with distortion, or just play the strings harder
Chorus x2 (End with an Em)

   C#  Am  B   Em
E  x   x   x   x
B  x   x   x   x
G  6   x   4   2
D  6   7   4   3
A  4   7   2   3
E (4)  5  (2)  0
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