The Almost - Southern Weather tab

Okay guys.. Don't kill me. I tried.

Tuning: Drop D
Intro: (Play these as powerchords after the chorus)

E: ------------------------------------------|
B: ------------------------------------------|
G: ------------------------------------------|   Repeat
D: ------------------------------------------|
A: ------------------------------------5555--|
D: 99999999/-22222222-55555555-0000----------|

Verse: (0:30)

E: --------------------------------------|
B: --------------------------------------|
G: 11~----9~-----------------------------|
D: 9~-----7~-----2-22-02-xx-2-22-02-xx---|
A: 9~-----7~-----2-22-02-xx-2-22-02-xx---|
D: 9~-----7~-----2-22-02-xx-2-22-02-xx---|


Why don't you just go ahead and...

E: -------------------|
B: -------------------|
G: 9~-----------------|
D: 7~------x2-5~------|
A: 7~------x2-5~------|
D: 7~------x2-5~------|


Blame it on this southern weather

(The 7's are only played on the first time you plat the chorus)

E: -----------------------------------|
B: -----------------------------------|
G: -----------------------------------|
D: 000000002222222255555555555-7777
A: 000000002222222255555555555-7777
D: 000000002222222255555555555-7777

I don't know the rest. There's one more riff to the end:

E: -------------------------------|
B: -------------------------------|
G: -------------------------------|
D: 9999-9--4444-4-7777-7-0000-0---|
A: 9999-9--2222-2-5555-5-0000-0---|
D: 9999-9--2222-2-5555-5-0000-0---|

End: x2

E: ----
B: ----
G: ----
D: 777~
A: 555~
D: 555~

E: -----
B: -----
G: -----
D: 7-0x
A: 5-0x
D: 5-0x

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