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The Beautiful Girls - Music tab

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The Beautiful Girls - Music

Standard Tuning

Transcribed by Michael

2/4 - slide up
4\2  slide down
o - repeat rhythm
| - end of riff

I have simplified this into a tab for one guitar only however the track is played by two 
Listen to the song to get the rhythm etc.

e |-------------------------------|
B |---------3\1-------------------|
G |-----------------------1-------|
D |----1/3----------1--3----------| X8
A |-------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------|

      F            Bb
e |---1------------1---------------|o
B |---1------------3---------------|o
G |---2------------3---------------|o
D |---3------------3---------------|o
A |---3------------1---------------|o
E |---1----------------------------|o

      F            Bb           @ end of chorus
e |---1------------1------o    --1-----------|
B |---1------------3------o    --1-----------|
G |---2------------3------o    --2-----------|
D |---3------------3------o    --3---8\------|
A |---3------------1------o    --3---8\------|
E |---1-------------------o    --1---6\------|

Repeat Intro/Verse/Chorus

      C            Bb            Em  F  Bb
e |----------------1------o    ------1---1---|
B |---1------------3------o    ------1---3---|
G |----------------3------o    ------2---3---|
D |---2------------3------o    --2---3---3---|
A |---3------------1------o    --2---3---1---|
E |-----------------------o    ------1-------|

      F            Bb
e |---1------------1------o    --1--------1--|
B |---1------------3------o    --1--------1--|
G |---2------------3------o    --2--------2--|
D |---3------------3------o    --3---8\---3--|
A |---3------------1------o    --3---8\---3--|
E |---1------------x------o    --1---6\---1--|

Get amongst it.
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