The Protomen - Father Of Death chords

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Artist: The Protomen
Album: Act II: The Father of Death
Song: Father of Death

Chords Used (low to high):
Dm: x00231
A: x02220
F: 133211
E: 022100
C: 332010
Am: x02210
G: 3x0033

Intro (music box): Dm A F E C E F E Am
Intro (full band): C Am C Am C F C Am
		   C Am C Am C F C Am C

Am	    C	  Am
What have I done?

Though I did not pull the trigger

I built the gun

	C		 Am   G
That he holds in his hand

Am	     C	     Am
Last night I dreamed

			  C	      F
I climbed to the top of a mountain of metal

			        C	        Am
And for miles I could see the destruction of man

Dm Am F E				     Am	     C
           I will not be the Father of Death

Am	    C  Am
Darling Emily

		       C	  F
Everything that I have done I have done for you

	 C		     Am	   G
But it's turned out all wrong

Am	      C	    Am
Can I take it back?

		      C	      F
Can I turn off this machine before it destroys

     C			Am
Everything I've loved?

Dm  Am	      F		 E		 Dm	Am
       I will find a way to make this right

       F	   E
I will find a way, Emily

Dm Am F		 E
          I will not be the Father of Death

(Here we have a nice little instrumental interlude in the key of A minor, so just vamp on that)

What are you doing here?

C	     Am
(Let me take you away)

I'm not going anywhere

C	    F
(He will be nothing when this runs its course)\
                        He will be everything /

That a man is supposed to be

C                                       E
      If the shadow blocks out the sun

There will be light

If it stays till the sun is set

There will be light

If the sun never shows its face again

There will be light

No matter how dark this city gets

There will be...

Trumpet Solo (chords during): Am E Am E Am E Am E
Music Box Redux: Dm A F E C E
Outro: Am G F E Am G F
 E Am G F E Am G F E (hold out an E for a long time, then...) F E (hold it a little longer, 
then...) G F E Am (and let that last chord ring out)

Tabbed by mcolor, copyright 2010. Song "Father of Death" by The Protomen, 
copyright 2009. All rights reserved. Do not steal.
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