Tokio Hotel - By Your Side chords

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Okay, well, I'm not claiming this to be 100% right, but I found this probably the 
way to play it!

Capo 3rd fret

C (x32010)
Cadd11 (x33010)
Am (x02210)
F Maj7 / C (x33210)
Em (022000)

The rhythm is pretty easy to learn, just listen to the way Tom Kaulitz plays it a few times.

C Cadd11

         C          Cadd11
No one knows how you feel
         C                Cadd11
No one there you'd like to see
Am          F Maj7/C          C
The day was dark and full of pain
            C                Cadd11
You write help with your own blood
         C                Cadd11
'Cause hope is all you've got
     Am          F Maj7/C
You open up your eyes
But nothings changed

         Am               F Maj7/C
I don't want to cause you trouble
Don't wanna stay too long
         Am               F Maj7/C
I just came here to say to you

        C    Cadd11          C    Cadd11
Turn around,          I am here
Am    F Maj7/C              C
If you want it's me you'll see
          C    Cadd11          C   Cadd11
Doesn't count,        far or near
Am           F Maj7/C             C
I can hold you when you reach for me

Repeat the verse chord pattern and repeat the chorus until you get to:

         Am                C
If the world makes you confused
           Em              Cadd11
And your senses you seem to lose
         Am                     C
If the storm doesn't want to diffuse
              Em               Cadd11
And you just don't know what to do
        Am      F Maj7/C
Look around, I am here
          Am        F Maj7/C
Doesn't count far or near

And that's basically it! I don't think the 'C' in the bridge sounds correct, so if you 
know what the chord should be, let me know :)
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