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Yardbirds - Evil Hearted You tab

evil hearted you intro C E A E verses B(riff 1) ---------| ---------| ---------| ---------| -2-0-----| -----3-2-| E C F B7(riff 1) (1)evil hearted you you always tried to put me down (2)evil hearted you keep killing me along with the things you do and words you spread around against me with your phony smile and with your Your siren song chorus ooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ E A E B smiling beguiling you leave me until all hope is gone E A E G A B7 E persauding degrading on my knees i try to please bridge [ Tab from: ] E(riff 2) (something like this) -3p0------------------------------| -----3p0------3p0-----------------| ---------2p0------2p0-------------| ----------------------2p0---------| --------------------------2p0-----| ------------------------------3p0-| A E but i love you just the same G E(riff 2) and i want you remain A E by my side and youll see G B7 just how much you mean to me solo ------------------------------7-7-7-7-8-8s5-5-5-7-11-12-14-15-15-14-15-15b17-15-| ---------------------4-5-7-5----------------------------------------------------| -4-4-4-4-5-5s2-2-2-4------------------------------------------------------------| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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