Keller Williams – Rainy Day tab

Tuning: E-A-D-G-B-e
 Here is what i could get out of listening to this song. if you can figure out something 
please let me know.


e -----------------------------------------------------------|B -----------------------------------------------------------|G ----9------8-----7-----6------5------4-----3---------------|D ---9-9----8-8---7-7---6-6----5-5----4-4---3-3--5-----------|A -11-----10-----9-----8------7------6-----5-----5-----------|E -----------------------------------------------5-----------|
Lyrics Its a rainy day a real wet one its all dark and grey no sign of the sun i needed my rainy day i dun got one because i got no shower spray and theres a hole in my bath tub and its an excellent day to be inside thats what the weather man say as i surf by its a remote control day and i desire a fresh pack of triple A's but i got a flat tire chorus the earth is super moist the rain speaks in such a sexy voice a perfect excuse to lay around and listen to the seducing sound of the rainy day Its a naked day with no clothes on the all natural way to break it down i heard the streaker say as she bathes on my lawn i might if i may stay and get my rain on Chorus Hum lyrics from first verse then... sing the first verse and the chorus once more to end
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