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Beck - Where Its At tab


Date: Mon, 04 Nov 1996 18:43:47
From: Michael  Gill 
Subject: beck tab where its at

here's where it's at by beck
done by me
N   19

"WiTH thE LighTS ouT, It'S lesS DANgeroUS" - Kurt Cobain
"I paCKed My SuiTCasE anD tHREw iT AWAy" - Beck
"I'M a liAR, I'lL tURn yOu InTO mE"- Henry Rollins
"Woohoo!"-The Pillsbury Doughboy
"Where It's At" by Beck
off the album Odelay
Transcribed by Lithium Radio(Michael Gill)

This is my poor attempt in transcribing the organ part in "where it's at"

Tuning : Standard

Intro & Verse

In the chorus theres just feedback and a 
small bassline (which is pretty easy, figure it out yourself)
you can also play play the above version with power chords
if you think it sounds better
during the interlude theres a lot of guitar tinkling 
which would take forever to figure out so screw it
If you know a better version of this please mail me or post it somewhere

E-mail me with comments and corrections at:
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