Crashdiet - Lost Horizons chords

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Chords for the song Lost Horizons - By Crashdiet
written by Dave Leppard R.I.P 

note: the orginal song is played on 1/2 stepped down guitar, i made this tab 
easier to play on standart tuning. if you wish to play during the song transpose 
this tab to 1 half step down :)

intro: D , Bm , Em , A

D                                Bm
tonite i try to change my way of melodie 
   Em                               A
to plz your lusts and make myself a company..
D                                        Bm 
the pain i cause aint worth the time you lay`d on me 
    Em                                     A
coz tonite i think its up to me to make it real.. 

G      A     
thou i fought before 
F#          Bm
now i wanna struggle more 
D                A
youre the one im living for.. 

Bm       A         G
oh your love is a serious Burning
Bm       A         G 
and my eyes are the mirror of pain
Bm        A          G 
in the dephts of my heart i am learning 
to make you smile again.. 

D                       Bm
tonite i celebrate the love we share
   Em                                     A 
oh can you feel the love im giving you im always
D                                            Bm
the loneliness been knokkin on your door for far to
      Em                                  A
and i hope to see the faze of warmth that has been

G          A 
the sun is rising
F#        Bm 
over lost horizons 
D                 A
i pick a star and give to you.. 

Bm                    A                      
no more tears no more scars no psychotic fathers 
Bm                    A
lonely nites in our cells without love from eachother
G    G5 F#5 F5 E5                       A
i am yours you are mine and we livin forever.. 


Em  A   D Bm Em  A Bm

Tabbed by Gilad201
Credits: to Samurai Chicken who tabbed the song before me
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