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Jack Johnson - Breakdown tab

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Capo 5th fret, standard tuning

INTRO: ||: G | Bm | Em | D :||

G                 Bm
  I hope this old train breaks down
Em                    D
  Then I could take a walk around
G                    Bm
  And see what there is to see
Em                   D
  And time is just a melody
Well all the people in the street
Walk as fast as their feet can take them
Em                  D
I just roam through town
And though my windows got a view
Well the frame Iím looking through
         Em                     D
Seems to have no concern for me now, so for now I

G    D/F#         Em             D
  I, need this here old train to breakdown
G     D/F#      Em              D
  Oh, please just let me please breakdown

||: G | Bm | Em | D :||

G             Bm
  This engine screams out loud
Em                      D
  Sayiní the beat gonna crawl westbound
G                 Bm
  So I donít even make a sound
    Em                           D
Cause itís gonna sting me when I leave this town
All the people in the street
That I'll never get to meet
   Em                   D
If these donít bend somehow
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    G                  Bm                 
And I got no time that I got to get to
Em                    D
Where I donít need to be, so I


| G | D11       C      | G    |
        I wanna break on down
| D11     C        | G   | D11     C      | G   | D11 C |
    But I canít stop now    Let me break on down

        G                         Bm
But you canít stop nothing if you got no control
       Em                             D
Of the thoughts in your mind that you kept in, you know
    G                           Bm
You donít know nothing, but you donít need to know
    Em                             D
The wisdomís in the trees, not the glass windows
    G                         Bm
You canít stop wishing if you donít let go
    Em                           D
But things that you find and you lose, and you know
    G                       Bm
You keep on rolling put the moment on hold
    Em                           D
The frames too bright so put the blinds down low


| G | D/F# | Em | D                 | G   | D/F# 
                     I wanna break on down
| Em  | D               ||: G  | D/F# | Em | D :|| G . . .
           But I canít stop now

| | | | 1 | <--3rd fret
| | 2 | | |
| 3 | | | |
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