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Jonas Brothers - Hello Beautiful chords

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Hi !!! This song of The Jonas Brothers is truly amazing !!! I'm not sure this tab 
is right but it sounds pretty to me :) If you have any suggestion , please 
comment :) Hope you'll enjoy =}
It's my first tab , so please be nice with me ;)

Chords used in the song :
   A2        A4       A6
Don't tell me the name of the chords are wrong , I know it ! But I think it's 
easier with these short names ^^

Tuning : Standard

Verse Tempo : Down/Down/Up/Down/Up/Down/Up/Down then pass to the next chord
Chorus : The verse tempo is used throughout all the song but the tempo of the 
chorus is a bit different ! 
Down... Then let's ring the strings Gb/B/Gb/B/Gb/B/Gb/B and pass to the next 
chord !(I do this only with the chords A2 and A4. With A6 I do just like in the Verses !)
End Of Chorus : Let's ring all the chords once ! 
And finally , for the very end of the song I do like : Let's ring all the strings 
of the chord A2 one by one :)

So now , let's beginnig ! =) Good luck even if it is pretty easy ^^

Intro : A2(x2) A4(x2) A6

Verse 1 :               A2             A2                     A2
         Hello Beautiful    How's going    I hear it's wonderful 

                                         A4                A6
         In California   I've been missing you    it's true

Chorus :         A2               A4     A6
         But Tonight     I'm gonna fly   
                 A2               A4   A6
         Yeah Tonight    I'm gonna fly !
                 A2           A4
         Cause I can comb accross the world
                    A6                   A2    (up)
         And see everything and never be satisfied
              A4               A
         If I couldn't   see   those    
                       A2(do like in the verses !)

Verse 2 :            A2                      A2                      A2
         Hello Beautiful  It's been a long time    Since my phone's rung
                            A2               A4
         You've been on that line    And I've been missing you
           A4        A6
          It's true

(Let's play the chorus once again !)
 Then :             A2 (here let's ring all the strings one by one)
         those.... eyes....

Thanks for watching :) Hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe and 
rate !!!    ^^ Have a nice day^^ 
And don't forget to keep on rocking XD
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