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Pinhead Gunpowder - Dull tab

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(INTRO) Dbm, A, B, A, Dbm, A, Ab }X2

	B	           D
Like a dull pain in my head
  E		C
Buried by my fantasies 
	B		D
And crowded by old memories
     E		      C
I can't isolate the disease
So it spreads
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             B	           D
Like a dull ache in my heart
E		C
Just one thought starts to spark
A raging fire of doubt
No juice to put it out
Cuz my creative wells are dry
C		B
From mental drought

	         B		D
Looks like a dull night by myself again
	E		     C
And I got no money and no girlfriend
And I'm thinking too much
And I'm making pretend
	       E			C
Inventing problems + despair to wallow in
It's pretty dumb

	B		D
Like a dull knife in my back
I'm my own worst enemy
This war inside of me
	     B		D
Keeps on taking the same casualty
         E			C	         B
But now I'm ready to launch a counter-attack


(Yeah, right)
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